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If you live with a chronic illness, you know how easy it is to feel isolated and alone. One thing I have gotten into this year to preoccupy my time, especially when I have migraines and unable to look at screens: chronic illness podcasts.

Chronic illness podcasts can be a helpful tool for us #spoonies.

They can provide us with support and helpful information on a range of topics about living with an illness. Because podcasts are pre-recorded, you can access them at any time that works around how you’re feeling.

There are a wide range of podcasts that are hosted by people who are managing chronic illness and chronic pain themselves. This can create a connection where you feel understood. It may even be a connection you can’t find with family or friends who don’t live with chronic illness. 


There are so many good chronic illness podcasts out there but here are my top 10 in 2019:

1. The V Hive

Hosted by Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Hannah Matluck. Her podcast is the #1 source for real, authentic and uncensored information on womxn’s pelvic health. I personally love this podcast because Hannah’s story resonates with my own personal health journey. She too, suffers from pelvic pain and her beautiful grandmother lived with Interstitial Cystitis.

Must listen:

Episode #27: Navigating Life with Endometriosis

Episode #40: The Story of My Grandma’s Life with Interstitial Cystitis and Vulvodynia


Top 10 chronic illness podcasts: Sick boy podcast

2. Sick boy

Hosts Jeremie, Brian, and Taylor hangout and have an unapologetic, unpolished and unfiltered discussion about what it’s like to live life with a disease, in the hopes of finding humour in an otherwise taboo and sometimes dark subject.

Must listen:

Episode #165 – Painful Doormat: Provoked Vestibulodynia (Vulva Pain) 

Episode #144 – #PussyProblems – Adenomyosis 


Top 10 chronic illness podcasts: Paniac

3. Painiac

Host Shelly, talks about living with various types of pain whether it be emotional or physical and shares inspiring stories of others living with chronic pain. Listeners learn about topics such as managing expectations, asking for help, working with limitations, talking with your doctor, confidence, and self-care.

Must listen:

Episode #202: Living Confidently & Creatively with Danielle Blocker

Episode #204: Sleeping When Everything Hurts


Top 10 chronic illness podcasts: Chronic sex the podcast.

4. Chronic Sex – The Podcast

Host Kirsten, talks about how self-love, relationships, sex, and sexuality are all affected by chronic illness and disability. That’s not all though. She also touches on intersectionality, social justice, empathy, current events, and much more. 

Must listen:

S2 Episode #6: Isabelle and Uterus Owner’s Pain

S3 Episode #1: Dr. Lee Phillips


Top 10 chronic illness podcasts: Hashtag Authentic

5. Hashtag Authentic

Host Sara, lives with Dysautonomia. Her podcast, which is designed for creatives, touches on topics like the spoon theory, overcoming mental blocks, and finding yourself. With helpful tips about creating your own business and carving out a space for yourself online.  If you’re a creative entrepreneur or looking to dive in and also deal with chronic illness, this is a great podcast.

Must listen:

Episode #51 : Journaling, writing and happiness, with Megan Hayes PHD

Episode #35: Stopping the glorification of ‘busy’, with Jen Carrington


Top 10 chronic illness podcasts: healing uncensored

6. Healing Uncensored

Host Sarah, has struggled with multiple autoimmune conditions and anxiety. Her podcast focuses on holistic health, and topics like using essential oils, crystals, and your intuition in your healing journey. Even if you’re not dealing with a chronic illness, her episodes on being an empath, anxiety, and mindset are both incredibly empowering.

Must listen:

Episode #91: Empower Yourself to Heal + Thrive with Autoimmune Disease w/ Robyn Baldwin

Episode #66: Empaths: How to Live With People Who Drain You, Protect Your Energy, and Decipher What is and Isn’t Yours to Carry


Top 10 chronic illness podcasts: The Healing Pain Podcast

7. The Healing Pain Podcast

Hosted by, Dr. Joe Tatta, a doctor of physical therapy, focuses on the many approaches available to help heal chronic pain. Some of the highlighted approaches include diet, meditation, physical therapy and cognitive pain coping skills.

Must listen:

Episode #154: Pain and The Power of Stories: How To Use Narrative Medicine In Pain Care.


Top 10 chronic illness podcasts: The balanced blonde

8. The Balanced Blonde

Host Jordan, interviews some amazing wellness experts. Jordan also deals with chronic lyme, and regularly shares her healing journal on the podcast.

Must listen:

Eat Real to Heal

Real Talk Solo Episode: My Lifelong Health Battle and Finally Getting Diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease


Top 10 chronic illness podcasts: Well now

9. Well now

Well Now is a podcast from the Canadian essential Oil brand Saje. I’ve listened to a few but not many but was very intrigued. It focuses on different interpretations of wellness. Each episode is filled with compassion, and invites top wellness experts and voices on to share their own stories.

Must Listen:

A Gut Feeling

A Life Well Lived (Purpose)


Top 10 chronic illness podcasts: : the autoimmune hour

10. The Autoimmune Hour

Host Sharon, shares stories about living with chronic illness and autoimmune conditions. She personally struggled to find a way to live well with her autoimmune condition, leading to the founding of this podcast. Her podcast tackles topics such as self-acceptance and healing, using mindfulness in healing, hydration and so much more.

Must Listen:

When You Don’t Feel Heard By Your Medical Professional

One Warrior’s Success Story Battling Fibromyalgia


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