New year, same me. Happy 2023.

It’s been a beat since I’ve posted or shared anything. I had a wonderful holiday season spent with family and friends. Many of you amazing folks have been worried because of my lack of posting since the beginning of December when I was hit with the big C. I got through it pretty good other […]

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Prevent or control recurring urinary tract infections with Hiprex

If you struggle from recurrent urinary tract infection’s (UTIs), you know first hand the adverse effects and limitations antibiotics can have. Everything from prophylactic protocols, recurrent yeast infections to antimicrobial resistance. I recently interviewed Dr. Ashley Girard to discuss a non antibiotic drug alternative, known as Hiprex. Dr. Ashley Girard is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor […]

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How a Trauma -Sensitive Approach Can Help People with Pelvic Pain
Trauma pelvic pain

When I look back at my upbringing and childhood, I have mostly loving and happy memories. So, when I kept getting asked about past sexual trauma or childhood trauma’s in every doctor’s appointment for my chronic pelvic pain AND having to fill out an The Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) Study survey (multiple times from 2018 […]

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