My 2020 WEGO Health Award Nominations
WEGO Health Awards Nominations

One early morning in June, I woke up to the buzz of my phone, and let’s be honest, probably to my buzzing bladder telling me to take a pee! To my surprise, it was an email notifying me that  I had just been nominated for a 2020 WEGO Health Award  for the pelvic health advocacy […]

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Lisa Benshabat’s Story + Memorial Bench
Lisa Benshabat

*Trigger Warning* Content may trigger readers who have experienced  medical trauma and suicide  I first learned about Lisa Benshabat at the start of my IC journey in 2018. I wasn’t getting a confirmed diagnosis due to wait times here in Canada, but I was told by my Gynaecologist that it most likely was the very difficult […]

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Stay Healthy New England Podcast: Michelle’s Pelvic Pain Journey
Pelvic Pain Journey, Stay Healthy Podcast

I had the pleasure of opening up and sharing my pelvic pain journey with Dr. Jessica Papa, PT, DPT (owner of  Arancia Physical Therapy in Rhode Island, USA) on her Stay Healthy New England Podcast. The Stay Healthy New England Podcast features top experts in Health, Wellness & Nutrition with a particular focus on alternative […]

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