Every September, IC patients around the world come together to raise awareness about Interstitial Cystitis, Bladder Pain Syndrome, and Chronic Pelvic Pain. One key goal of the 2018 IC Awareness Month campaign is to encourage education of pain specialists and medical care providers who encounter patients in crisis. The most vulnerable moment for bladder patients in pain is when they seek help during intense pain flares. Emergency room staff are rarely educated about IC/BPS and have accused patients of being drug addicts. They may have bleeding Hunner’s lesions. They may have muscles so tight that they are in urinary retention. These patients deserve a proper diagnostic workup and compassionate pain care.

Below you will find posters + Facebook cover photo’s I created for IC Awareness.
Feel free to download and share on social or even print off and post at your doctor’s office. The more we get the word out about IC/BPS, the closer we get to effective treatment for all IC patients.

Learn more about IC Awareness Month at www.icawareness.org





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