If you’re in chronic pain, do everything you can to improve your body and your mind because yesterday I was shown that being pain free is possible with effort and determination. 

I had a practically pain free day yesterday! I was able to do things I haven’t been able to do in 11 months. To be honest I can’t really explain exactly why it happened but I like to think it’s been my growth and journey to this point. I am doing everything in my power to have a healthy mind and body to try to get into remission. My diet has been really strict since the spring, I’ve had my endometriosis excised, I do pelvic floor physio therapy twice a week and stretch twice, even three times a day, and I rest when I know my body needs it. All these things I truly believe lead me to having a great day yesterday. Today on the other hand, my bladder flared right after a BM. Am I upset? No. If this was 6 months ago I would have said ‘hell yes I’m upset’. But throughout this year, I’ve learned about gratitude and that the real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you become about your life, no matter how difficult it is, the more present you become. And the more present you become, the happier you will be. 

I am grateful for the first minimal pain day in over a year. 

Gratitude is the best medicine. It heals your mind, body and spirit + attracts more things to be grateful for. This plays true to what happened today as I was in a flare… I got a message from a physio therapist a few hours away from my city who connected with someone at an event this weekend who told them to check out my blog + insta account. This news was incredible. Knowing that I am helping spread the word about the importance of pelvic health and chronic illness makes me so happy. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Being grateful attracted more good to come into my life. 

I hope you take this post as a reminder to practice gratitude in your life. You will be amazed at what good things can happen. 

‘I am grateful for every experience I ever had as it has shaped me into the person I am today and that is exactly who I am suppose to be right now at this very very moment.’

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