In the last eight months I have seen 5 doctors, 2 PF physiotherapists, taken blood 4 times, peed in a cup in a cup 8 times, had 2 ultrasounds, 1 colonoscopy, 1 MRI and 1 trip to the ER and I still do not have a confirmed diagnosis of what is causing my pain. It is driving me nuts. I also have to wait months for remaining diagnostics. Oh and insurance just sprung on me that they are stopping my disability. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Wonderful.

Doctors have told me that I am most likely suffering from multiple conditions (PFD, IC & Endo) and that this will be a diagnosis of exclusion. I am unable to sit, stand or walk without pain, go to work, or even play with my nephew, so I was counting on this process being a faster one. Living in Canada is great but our healthcare crisis is a real issue. We face extremely long wait times for treatment and longer wait times for referrals to see specialists. It will take me 6 months to get in to see my urologist since my referral, and an additional 6 months for laparoscopy surgery to see if Endometriosis is the culprit and to excise those assholes. But until then, I am just trying to cope with the pain I feel every day.

I won’t lie, it sucks. Thinking about the what if’s, why’s and how’s, takes a toll on your spirit. But every day I have to remind myself that I am doing everything in my power to try to heal and get better and I must let go of the guilt, anger, sadness, and fear. And honestly, I haven’t gotten there yet. But I can’t afford to dwell on the negatives since it will only make my pain worse, so when I am up for it, I keep busy with this Blog and soon (after this flare subsides) I will be starting a new project with my dad, for my boyfriend and I’s balcony. This new addition will allow us to spend more time on the balcony during the summer months and even watch some TV out there. I’ll post about the process once it’s complete, but until then check out my Resources page for some great links and the Free Symptom Tracker 🙂

Talk soon, friends.


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  • Martina

    You are SO strong!!! Hang in there… day by day it will get better. LOVE your blog and instagram. I’m sure it’s therapeutic for you and you are helping so many others along the way 🙂


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