The Ultimate pelvic pain resource guide

A solid foundation for understanding pelvic pain and what you can do to begin to advocate for yourself.

Below is a list of useful resources and articles that can help you stay on top of the pelvic health information and research.

This is by no means a complete list, and I will be adding new links continuously.  So if you come across a link you feel I should share, please reach out 

Programs that offer an interdisciplinary approach to chronic pelvic pain to help us better manage our symptoms and improve our quality of life.

Whether you are someone with health issues, or a person who loves someone with an illness, joining a support group can be beneficial in many ways.

Articles and links that may be helpful to understanding your pelvic pain and to take with you to doctor appointments.

Looking for a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist?

These directories include professionals who help patients with pelvic health conditions.


Community, Blogs + Podcasts

Driving change for pelvic health in Canada and around the world.


Breakthrough with Healing Chronic Pain

Howard Schubiner, MD, is a clinician, author and researcher who has conducted ground-breaking research on the connection that the brain has in chronic pain. A must watch!

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