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My goal for The Happy Pelvis, is to be able to share my story, educate, create awareness, and give support to women who feel alone in their battle with pelvic pain. I hope my brutally honest (there will be some cursing and a lot of pee, poop, period talk) and questionable humour, can put a smile on your face. I know first hand how isolating this journey can be so I want to share knowledge and tools that help me through the bad days (…and there are a lot of those!) and connect with other women who have been dealing with chronic pelvic pain. And maybe, just maybe, something I post will help you or someone you know, in their own journey.

I know first hand how depleting it is when you get the results back from your ultrasound, MRI, CT,  blood and urine tests, or cystoscopy just to hear that they came back clear or inconclusive or “that’s nothing to worry about”. We see many different doctors, trying to narrow down the pain generator and sometimes we don’t get the answer we are so eagerly trying to find. We are told that our pelvic pain is a normal part of what women go through every month or that we must have another infection so they make us down more antibiotics. That has to stop. Our pain is REAL and deserves to be looked into so we can get back to living our lives. We have the right to know what is happening to our bodies. Living in chronic pain doesn’t only impact our physical health, it has a huge mental health impact as well.

Anyway, I won’t get in too deep with this post. I just wanted to say thank you for reading this far and I hope something I write about on here will resonate with you and give you strength to know you’re not alone in this.

We’re out there, just like you, laying on a heating pad, with ice on our lady bits.



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