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Wego Health Award Nominee - The Happy Pelvis

One early morning in June, I woke up to the buzz of my phone, and let’s be honest, probably to my buzzing bladder telling me to take a pee!

To my surprise, it was an email notifying me that 

I had just been nominated for a 2020 WEGO Health Award 

for the pelvic health advocacy work I do on The Happy Pelvis blog and Instagram!

You can check out my pelvic pain journey + story in this blog post.

I’m so honoured and incredibly grateful to be nominated for these multiple categories:

Best in Show: Instagram

What the community is saying:

“Great informative content with a twist. Michelle really captures the struggles of living with chronic pelvic pain, and shows compassion as well as some humour in her posts ”,

“MIchelle is a dedicated advocate of chronic pelvic pain. A compassionate defender of others. A wealth of resources and strength. Michelle has been there for anyone who needs her with constant support and generosity. I whole-heartedly support her nomination.”

Best in Show: Community

What the community is saying:

“Over the past two years I’ve sought information, help and guidance from Michelle. She is truly the most caring and helpful person I’ve met. Her knowledge in the Endometriosis and pelvic health community is immense and she works so hard to give her followers and other young people real information to advocate for themselves effectively. ”

Advocating of Another

What the community is saying:

“Michelle is an amazing, patient and genuine advocate. She is constantly working with her love of art to bring awareness to Endometriosis! I couldn’t be prouder to call her a friend! ”

If I have ever helped or supported you in some way, I would be honoured to get endorsed by you! 

Please scroll up 👆🏻 and click “Endorse Me Now” under which ever category you would like to help me become a finalist for.

The top three most endorsed nominees in each award category automatically become finalists.

Being an advocate takes a lot of effort and hard work, especially when you live with chronic pelvic pain and multiple chronic illnesses. Despite our health setbacks, we keep pushing to spread awareness and provide helpful resources for others struggling. It’s our own personal health journey and experiences that lead us to instigate the change needed in healthcare.

That is exactly what we want to celebrate.

Thanks to the WEGO Health Awards, now we can!

Small victories, like these nominations, can give us advocates a sense of purpose and a lift to our chronically fatigued spirits. By being recognized, it allows us to know that our efforts are being seen and are appreciated.

Who is WEGO Health?

Wego Health WEGO Health is a mission-driven company dedicated to transforming healthcare by harnessing the experience, skills and insights of Patient Leaders.

WEGO’s Patient Leader Network includes more than 100k patients and caregivers, across virtually all health conditions and topics. It’s comprised of health advocates, influencers and experts ready to transform healthcare by sharing their insights and expertise.

Through WEGO Health’s Patient Leader Network, members gain access to opportunities and exclusive resources to help solve some of the health industry’s toughest challenges.

What are the WEGO Health Awards?

The WEGO Health Awards were created to embody the mission of WEGO Health: 

to empower patient leaders.

The WEGO Health Awards are proven to be one of the best ways to honour, recognize, and celebrate the work of patient advocates, online influencers and healthcare collaborators who are helping others and transforming healthcare – often without any formal recognition.

There are 16 different award categories, that recognizes patient leaders across all condition areas and platforms; whether running an online support group, speaking at conferences or sharing their health journey on Instagram, there is truly an award category to recognize every patient leader out there.

I don't know who personally nominated me for these awards but THANK YOU!

This online pelvic health community is incredible and you all inspire me to keep moving forward. In a way, I feel like this is what I am meant to be doing in my life with my marketing skills and design experience, given my current circumstances.

Your words are constant encouragement for me and every time I receive a message from someone within the community telling me how grateful they are for finding my blog, I know my life and my pain have purpose now.

I am so passionate about helping others with pelvic pain and raising awareness for the many debilitating pelvic pain conditions like Interstitial Cystitis/BPS and Endometriosis.

My promise to you all is this: as long as I have the physical ability to do so, I will continue to keep creating content for my fellow pelvic pain warriors and community.

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