Catastrophic Thinking and Chronic Pain

Last week I saw my Endometriosis Specialist where we discussed the next steps to try and ease my Endo/Adeno pain. I told him about the great pelvic pain program I’m attending where they teach you the skills needed to get through the debilitating pain and to be able to lower the volume of the pain we endure daily.

He told me that he’s been hearing great things about that program and said, “Don’t be offended when I say this but, it seems like the program is a good tool to help you reduce ‘catastrophizing’ during flares”.

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How Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy can help IC pain.

87% of IC Patients have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (1).

I was one of the lucky cases, where the first gynaecologist I saw, referred me to Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy right away after seeing the state I was in. I was in tears, in a flare, sitting on my donut pillow in her office after she assessed me. She told me she believed I had IC/BPS and that only a urologist can confirm that diagnosis. She explained she’s seen improvement of symptoms with pelvic physiotherapy in her IC patients so she pointed me in that direction. And I’m so glad she did. Read More »

See ya, 2018!

2018 has been my most difficult and challenging year to date. Emotionally and physically. There were many downs but a lot of good came from them. If I think about where I was last year at this time, I was filled with so much more pain, worry, and anxiety. Looking back, I never would have thought I would accomplish all that I did in 2018 and all of those things are worthy of being proud of and grateful for. Yesterday I wrote a list of everything that came to mind that I was proud of for accomplishing this past year. Writing it all down was liberating and shocking that there were quite a few. Even though 2018 has not been great for my health, it was a great year for personal growth. See below for my list.Read More »