Update + IC/PBS Subtypes

I’ve been having a lot of a-ha moments this week when it comes to my illness, personal values and life in general. I think I’ve come to the part of my journey where I’m teaching myself to be able to let go of the bad energy this pain has brought me. From what I’ve read […]

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Why are insurance companies denying women with pelvic pain?

Along with abdominal pain, I have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction flares. They are what I call banana flares, because it knocks me off my feet (Ha! get it?). The one I had last Friday was a doozy but I am developing the strength to get through them without it becoming a catastrophe. I would normally have […]

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Living with no diagnosis.

In the last eight months I have seen 5 doctors, 2 PF physiotherapists, taken blood 4 times, peed in a cup in a cup 8 times, had 2 ultrasounds, 1 colonoscopy, 1 MRI and 1 trip to the ER and I still do not have a confirmed diagnosis of what is causing my pain. It […]

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