8 Natural Tips For IC & PFD Flares
hot cold therapy

What is Interstitial Cystitis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and how are they related? Interstitial Cystitis (aka IC) is a bladder condition that is characterized by chronic pelvic pain, a frequent and urgent need to urinate (some people can urinate up to 60 times a day), at times there is pain or discomfort when the bladder […]

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Dedicated to all of the women with pelvic pain

Thanks for dropping by! My goal for The Happy Pelvis, is to be able to share my story, educate, create awareness, and give support to women who feel alone in their battle with pelvic pain. I hope my brutally honest (there will be some cursing and a lot of pee, poop, period talk) and questionable […]

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Ep.1: Dr. Ashley Girard – Let's talk Hiprex and recurrent UTI's

Dr. Ashley Girard and I discuss Hiprex in regards to chronic urinary tract infections. This is something I have not heard much about here in Canada so it is exciting news to share for many chronic urinary tract infection sufferers who may not have heard of this. Ashley is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor with the […]

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